Episode #11

Juan Uribe Holguín-Borda: “Legal pirate of the digital world in Colombia and LATAM”

50m 50s

We received Juan Uribe Holguín-Borda in a very fun episode. He tells us about his adventures living in Germany, how the Colombian financial system is structured and what traditional crypto - tax - regulation is like in the country. We take a tour of several regulatory, legal and client-lawyer cooperation points. Incredible chapter to delve into Colombian finance and the future of Anti Money Laundry LATAM.

Thank you, Juan! A pleasure to have you in Papeles al Dia!

About the guest

Juan Uribe-Holguín Borda

Head of Legal at Litigation

Head of Legal at Lithium, Co-Founder Colombia FinLaw, Co-Founder Labgae S.A.S.

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