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Credit Scoring

Analysis of the applicant's economic and financial situation.
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Financial health analysis and due diligence

Complif has a credit scoring module with customized models that allows you to evaluate prospects and assign them a score.

Calculation methodology

The credit evaluation of a client is a process that is highly dependent on the risk policy of each financial institution.
  • The platform has a calculation methodology that can be programmed by each user of the system.
  • Information about the person, data collected from active bureaus and information extracted from documentation.
  • It is possible to implement decision tree models, linear models or a combination of these, among other alternatives.


Versioning, testing, automatic periodic recalculation and alerts.
  • The platform supports the parameterization of 1 or more versions of score models in case different criteria need to be applied depending on the type of customer or product requested.
  • It is possible to configure an automatic periodic recalculation of the credit score of the client portfolio.
  • If the score is below a certain threshold, an alert can be triggered and the case can be assigned to an analyst so that he can analyze the situation and take early action regarding the relationship with that client.

Available variables

Current debt amount
Current debt situation
Number of lines
Worst situation in last 12M
Rejected checks
Total sales in financial statements
Current assets in financial statements
Current liabilities in financial statements
Net result in financial statements
Company establishment date
Net salary
Employee in  dependency relationship
Payment on time
Credit line age


Learn about the success stories

We'll tell you how our customers improved their user experience, reducing the friction of opening an account.
“We chose Complif because it provides an interface that allows the end user to have a good experience when it comes to opening an account, and it gives us tools to be able to manage information in an orderly and more efficient way.”
Lorenzo Giuffrida
CX Leader at Inviu
“Our clients who are human people log in, do all the digital onboarding, do the verification of the person's identity automatically with a lot of connections with AFIP, RENAPER, take a photo, make a video, and end up being a Mega QM customer thanks to Complif.”
Javier Cadahia
Director of Operations at MegaQM
“The company listens to user demand and that's great, because here nobody listens to what the user needs. So that's something that really stands out about the company. Also the after-sales service, there is always someone who listens to you, there is a quick answer. They have a product that is going to be installed very strongly in this market, there is no such product.”
Sylvia Martinez
External advisor at Alchemy Valores
“This system will allow us to expand massively. We believe that the incorporation of the technology they provide us is an advance, it is a step forward, it is distinctive, it is something that until now has not existed in the local market. Complif is very responsive to all our orders and we are convinced that the product is very good.”
Sebastián Porcel
Director at BAVSA
“We chose them first because of their professional quality, their human quality, they are extraordinary people, they gave us an enormous hand. We are very happy to see them grow, we are growing hand in hand with them too. We look forward to staying by your side, continuing to innovate with new, different products.”
Fernando Estigarribia
Head of Operations and Technology at Delta
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