Transaction Monitoring

Automated AML checks on transactions, configure the criticality, responsible parties, and desired resolution time. Concentrate efforts where the risks are.

cash in

30772 - John Smith

usd 500.000 - 04/05/2023

cash out

19283 - Georgia Ramy

usd 900.000 - 04/05/2023


13837 - Samantha Mercy

usd 50.000 - 04/05/2023


28342 - Ariela Mansay

USD 550.000 - 04/05/2023


Automatic detection of unusual transactions.

SAR: Generate reports to comply with anti-money laundering laws.
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Unusual Reports

Don't miss anything.

Implement customized monitoring rules to grow your business with secure transactions.
It is essential to have up-to-date customer information to proceed with any other suspicious transaction management practice.

WHY Complif?

360° view of your user's transactions

Keep your user's profile updated in real time to understand the risk they represent.

Save time and resources in the analysis process with AI.

Generate Suspicious Activity Reports, easier and faster, with the automatic drafting of conclusions using artificial intelligence.

Automatic request for supporting documentation

Facilitate the process of collecting information and avoid possible delays in the analysis.

Recalculation of the transactional profile

Keep your accounts up to date according to their level of risk.

Alert evidence manager

Obtain a complete record of all transactions and documentation related to generated alerts. Configure the expiration of your alerts according to current regulations or the specific needs of your organization.

Manage access to information

With the role and permission system, ensure that only the right people have access to sensitive information.

Internal system for comments and notes

Record the observations and decisions made at each stage, and communicate internally with your team.

Manage tasks together with your team

Keep, together with your team, a record of pending tasks and their current status, ensuring clear communication. Efficiently manage your team's time, leverage your resources.