Onboarding for Businesses

Onboard companies in hours instead of weeks. Acquire clients faster and more securely while offering a top-tier KYB experience.


Onboarding for businesses couldn't be easier

Convert more customers, reduce friction. Onboarding for businesses made simple.

Provide basic data of the business.

Find all the information in one place. We are a CRM designed specifically for seamless compliance processes.

Upload basic data from representatives.

Validate representatives and shareholders against OFAC, UNSC, RePet, and more.

Upload information about corporate structure and final beneficiaries.

Understand who is behind the business.

Provide documentation that will help assess risk.

Verification of documentation with automatic risk calculation for simplified and ongoing due diligence.

WHY Complif?

The necessary complexities, without
unnecessary complications.

Your ally to carry out KYB processes, without friction.

Get to know who's behind the business

Identification of final beneficiaries and validation of representative's authorities, to understand the corporate structure.

Assign analysts to your onboardings

It is possible to assign analysts to onboardings, thus allowing you to better visualize the distribution of your team's work.

Help your customers during the acount opening process

We understand that document uploading can be the most challenging part of the process of opening an account. With Complif, the compliance team can efficiently communicate with clients, achieving record-breaking account opening times.

Export data declared in an Onboarding

With Complif, you can easily export your customer data in a PDF file. Save time by collecting and organizing your customer data, and easily sharing it with other members of your company or external entities.